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  • Dr. Hasan Sheikh: It’s time to change the way we discuss doctors and taxes

    On Friday September 22nd the Globe and Mail Report on Business section published a commentary by Dr. Hasan Sheikh supporting the tax proposals. Dr. Sheikh gets further into the overall physician compensation issue. Doctors know how the current methods of remuneration are mainly very inequitable. The predominant fee for service payment system leads to tremendous…

  • Op-Ed in the Toronto Star

    The Toronto Star published our op-ed: Doctors say tax us: Canada is worth it. Across the country, hundreds of doctors are signing on for tax fairness.

  • Doctors say tax us! Canada is worth it

    During the past month many doctors have mobilized to oppose the tax changes proposed by the Federal government for individuals who are incorporated. We say that the government should move ahead with these plans and go much further in pursuing Canadian economic equity. We recommend that our physician colleagues should resolve their financial issues through…