Doctors for Fair Taxation urge all parties to support reasonable, necessary tax hikes on high income earners included in 2014 Budget

For immediate release – Toronto, May 1, 2014

Doctors for Fair Taxation urge all parties to support reasonable, necessary tax hikes on high income earners included in 2014 Budget

Doctors for Fair Taxation welcomes the provincial government’s proposed tax increase on Ontarians earning more than $150,000 in personal income and will be encouraging both opposition parties to support this measure.

A previous, modest tax increase in 2012 on personal incomes over $500,000 was a success, raising over $300 million in new revenue for the province to support small improvements to social assistance. The sky did not fall as some opponents would have had us believe would happen. Talent and capital did not flee Ontario.

In the 2013 fall economic statement, Minister of Finance Charles Sousa indicated the province was now shifting away from the failed austerity agenda. Premier Wynne herself has spoken of wanting to build a fair society. However, it will be impossible to build this fair society in Ontario – where currently one in seven children go hungry – without pursuing a taxation system that is fair and reasonable. Less equal societies are less healthy societies; as physicians and higher income earners we recognize that only a greater sharing of the wealth will address both concerns.

There is wide popular support for a return to more progressive taxation. Twenty years of substantial tax cuts have disproportionally benefitted wealthy citizens and corporations while contributing to growing income inequality. Ontario’s golden years from 1945 until the 1970s were partially fueled by higher taxes paid by high earners. Fair taxation and social justice don’t preclude economic prosperity. They promote it.

The tax measures included in the 2014 Ontario Budget represent a tremendous opportunity to move toward fairer taxation, and provide needed revenues for programs to reduce poverty and foster healthy communities. We call on all MPPs to recognize the evidence and support these measures. We also call on all MPPs to establish an all-party select committee to review other options for fairer taxation. Our message remains clear: Tax us! Ontario is worth it.


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