Challenging media promotion of unfair taxation

Doctors for Fair Taxation responded to a series of editorials and columns in the National Post recently opposing fair taxation via a letter to the editor. You may view the letter on the National Post’s website but it also appears…

We are changing the conversation on taxes!

Thanks to your continued support we are having an impact on the public discourse around taxes. Please see this column in the Toronto Star today–walkom-tax-fairness-no-longer-a-taboo-topic. We also have a letter to the editor to the Globe and Mail in…

Where are you on the global pay scale?

Please visit BBC News - to find out!

Conversation on the need for fair taxation continues!

More and more Canadians are speaking out in favour of fair taxation. According to a new poll conducted for the Broadbent Institute, a clear majority support higher taxes to reduce income inequality In Ontario, a NDP proposal to increase the…

The Premier is considering higher taxes!

Our little group has taken off. The NDP has asked the government to introduce a 2% higher marginal tax rate for taxable income above $500,000. This isn’t nearly as much as we’re asking for and even not nearly as much…

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Doctors for Fair Taxation in the USA

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