More voices in support of fair taxation

Jarvis: Horwath demands are fair Windsor Star A new group called Doctors for Fair Taxation is actually asking the provincial and federal governments to raise their taxes. They’re recommending going further than Horwath, creating four new tax brackets for those making more than $100000. See all stories on this topic »


It’s time to expect more from our government When it comes to tax cuts, the message is clear: enough is enough. At the same time as the polling is showing these remarkable results, there are now several organizations calling for fairer taxes: Doctors for Fair Taxation, Lawyers for Fair Taxation See all stories on this topic »

Horwath filling role that Hudak has abdicated – Column by Ruth Farquhar The Sudbury Star And for once, we have two big wage earners agreeing with the tax on the rich: and In an article sent to The Toronto Star, doctors for fair taxation say, “In Canada right now the poorest tenth See all stories on this topic »