Challenging media promotion of unfair taxation

Doctors for Fair Taxation responded to a series of editorials and columns in the National Post recently opposing fair taxation via a letter to the editor.

You may view the letter on the National Post’s website but it also appears below.

Tax us — Canada is worth it

The National Post has published a number of editorials or columns in the past week on the issue of taxes, equity and government finance. Your writers vigorously defend low taxes for high income earners, ignoring growing income inequality among Canadians and unfair taxations contribution to this divide. Ontario’s highest personal income tax bracket of 46% has not been as low since the Great Depression. This rate starts at $132,000, so it’s a flat tax for the rich. Billionaires pay the same rate as doctors. Conversely, the budget freezes social assistance rates despite these payments having 60% less purchasing power than in 1995. The United States has more economic inequality than Canada, but Canada is becoming more unequal faster than almost any other country. As doctors, we know that growing economic inequality causes social and health problems that put further pressure on public services. Higher taxes on high earners would ease some suffering and decrease debt. The time has come for high earning Canadians to pay our fair share. Tax us. Canada is worth it. Doctors for Fair Taxation: Dr. Rosana Pellizzari, Dr. Michael Rachlis, Dr. Tanya Zakrison, Toronto